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Embark on a captivating journey within Astro Armadillos Adventures, where cleverly hidden seed phrases await your discovery; decode the secrets, unlock the treasure, and explore the fascinating world of blockchain technology with us!

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About Astro Armadillos

Welcome to Astro Armadillos, an NFT collection heavily focused on Web3 education, aiming to translate the complex into easy-to-understand concepts, onboard as many new people as possible into this quickly-evolving space (including the youngest ones), and help with filling the existing gaps by supporting new generations of builders.


Our Web3 Glossary

Instead of using high-level terminology, we’ve put together this Web3 glossary to make technical terms easy to understand for non-tech peeps who find it hard to make sense of all the wacky acronyms and slang words used in this space.

Each and every term in the glossary is explained in simple everyday language while we’ve also given you a bunch of real-life examples of how each is used. The Web3 Glossary can introduce you to the basics of Web3 and set you up to speed for bigger, greater lessons.

Myth of the
Hunters and the Armadillo

At the beginning of time men lived in the sky. One day, as they were wandering around among the clouds, a group of hunters came across an armadillo. Since the animal had no intention of being caught, it ran off, followed by the hunters. It came to a cloud with a hole in it from which hung a rope. Without a moment’s hesitation, the armadillo grabbed hold of the rope and disappeared into the hole.

When the hunters came to the edge of the hole they stopped and began to discuss whether it was worth following the armadillo down or give up the chase. But it was impossible for them all to agree, so some decided to take the risk and slide after the armadillo while others remained behind.

They weren’t to know, but the rope actually stretched from the sky right down to the earth, so that those daring enough to brave the unknown in fact became the first men to reach the earth. These were the ancestors of the Kayapo people. The hunters who lacked the courage to go down the rope stayed in the sky and are still there. The evidence of their presence are the stars, which are the fires they light each evening.


Web3 Events

Web3 Delight events across the growth markets are brought about to raise awareness about Web3 possibilities and promote Web3 literacy by spreading the message across the shores through their worldwide marketing campaign.


Web3 Glossary E-book

1,024 Web3 terms make their way into the glossary 2022 EDITION, with 1,024 unique Astro Armadillos following! The glossary itself will evolve since we want to keep you up to date with all the relevant phraseology the more the Web3 space grows!


Astro Armadillos animated series

To introduce blockchain technology to a broader and younger audience, we’ve brought to life one of our Astro Armadillos and sent him on a mission – to spread the word about Web3 around the world. Our hero’s adventures and heroic feats will be fully animated and, we believe, entertaining for everyone from 5 to 65. The goal here is to introduce Web3 tech concepts such as NFTs, Metaverse, and DeFi to wider audiences and point out the importance of being a builder, not only a consumer!


The Game

Astro Armadillos Stargating is an interactive multiplayer game inspired by the most beautiful of the Kayapo myths. Choose one among 1,024 characters from the NFT collection, take part in quiz competitions to gain access to special features, acquire superpowers, and develop your knowledge around Web3 by competing with your peers!



We’ll dumb down complicated Web3 protocols and concepts into bite-sized, short-form units that are super easy to absorb, create heaps of friendly tutorials, and organize hackathons and community projects to give all the talented Web3 folks a chance to hangout, collaborate on projects, and earn NFTs for completing tasks.


Web3 Podcast Network

We plan to launch an entire network of podcasts that will consist of interview and narrative-style podcasts and a series of mini podcasts that can be consumed in a single sitting. Talking to industry experts and multi-figure entrepreneurs about various Web3 matters, we strive to build a community of millions of tech-curious listeners and be a catalyst for growth in the emerging Web3 ecosystem.


Fully accredited Web3 Post-Graduate Program

Most people in the Web3 space are self-taught. It takes a lot of time, trial and error to figure out what’s working and what’s not when learning things on your own. Thus, we decided to create a 12-month university program for everyone wanting to get a globally recognized and fully accredited degree and gain all the skills needed to land Web3 jobs and start building. The best thing of all? The program is entirely compatible with full-time work and attendants will be able to choose between on-campus or online lectures.


Merch Shop

Loving your 3D Astro Armadillos? Show them off to the world proudly! Soon, we will be releasing Astro Armadillos merch so both holders and non-holders will be able to snag their favorite pieces from our shop.



Our goal is to partner with other established and well-renowned brands beyond the NFT industry and Web3 that are transparently building and have proven business experience and the potential to bring more value to this space.

A Roadmap to More

Immerse yourself into our knowledge-sharing world tailored to people of different ages and backgrounds that are aspiring to become proud citizens and builders of the Web3 world and everyone else interested in learning more about the immense possibilities of blockchain technologies.

Web 3 Glossary

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